Wednesday, May 31, 2017

UPSC 2016 Final Results

Debotosh Chatterjee

Shekhar Kumar Chaudhary

Dear All

We are extremely glad to intimate that the following officers have successfully cleared the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2016 

1. Debotosh Chatterjee - Rank 486 [presently in IRS - Customs]

2. Shekhar Kumar Chaudhary - Rank 624 [presently in WBCS] 

Special mention of Shri Shekhar Chaudhary - kudos to his grit, determination, talent & focus.

The aspirants can learn lots from him - learn how NOT to get depressed & keep on fighting even though you keep coming back after appearing for interview at Dholpur House, more than once.

Both Shri Chatterjee & Shri Chaudhary are role models for today's youth.

Trademark wishes them a great career ahead 

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